A fireplace is not only a source of heat, it is a beautiful piece of furniture to admire that exists in all possible configurations of the round, simple corner ovens for colorful renaissance furnaces with a height of up to four meters. Whether it is large and richly decorated, or a small white stove gives the room a warm, generous atmosphere.

Fireplace magazine has built and renovated antique stoves since 1990, and works in all of Scandinavia. We sell and install all types of ovens, but our specialty is craft furnaces, which produced until the 1850s, when the industry took over the guild system. As with all handmade items, there is a special feeling in these ovens, a beauty that can not be achieved with mechanical manufacturing.

In Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki centers were built out around the turn of the century so often mounted Swedish tile stoves in the apartments, but many were removed for 60 – and 70’s. In old houses where there has been tiled before, there is often a need to renovate the chimney in the Fireplace sales. Leakage to adjacent channels is very common.

Before a stove project is started, it is good to consult with your local chimney sweeps. He locates the flue and pressure test it. If necessary, we seal the canal with pipes and chemical sealant. Then it’s just to get started and build!

We are naturally interested in buying antique stoves, if you happen to have one lying around at home in the attic. Contact us for more information.

Rectangular tiled stove

Round tiled stove.

Column tiled stove.


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